ZOIS Executive Summit 2022

The ZOIS Executive Summit took place on the 12th of July in Vienna, Austria. Representatives of the IT industry and university research teams met to discuss the main 2022 ZOIS topic – the importance of Soft Skills in IT.

After being welcomed by the ZOIS Founding Chairman Stephan Kasulke and Tobias Reckling, Head of Knowledge Exchange and National Funding at the University of Vienna, delegates took part in a networking workshop focusing on communication and trust within teams. Run by Ali Mahlodji, the founder of watchado, the workshop touched on many points that lead to a team’s success, all very similar and complementary to the values presented later by Klaus Reile, Director – Support Account Managers – EMEA at NetApp and Uni.-Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Renate Motschnig from the University of Vienna during the breakout session dedicated to Soft Skills training for IT professionals.

It was also fascinating to discuss the newly released ZOIS Cloud Security Standard. It touched on the issue that no standard before reflected the diversity of cloud services on offer. More about the ZOIS standard can be found here.

One of the highlights of the event was a panel discussion hosted by Martin Szelgrad, Editor-in-Chief of the “Telekom & IT Report” magazine. He was joined by Peter Reichl, Head of Research Group Cooperative Systems at the University of Vienna, Alexander Paral, Managing Director at ANEO Solutions/Quorum Distribution, Michael Glatz, Managing Director Health & Public Services Accenture and Christine Wahlmüller-Schiller, Lead Marketing & Communications at the Center for Technology Experience at the Austrian Institute of Technology. Together with his guests, he discussed Digital Humanism in a time of crisis.

The culmination of the event was University of Vienna’s World Cafe focusing on four major topics; Quantum Computing, Data Science, Scientific Computing and Neuroinformatics. The attendees had the opportunity to discuss these topics in an exclusive environment speaking directly to the research team of Vienna University.

As this summit proved, the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association has never been more important to the security of the IT and business landscape. We look forward to seeing our members and delegates at future events.

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