Mission, Goal & Value

The zero outage industry standard association wants to maximize customer satisfaction and value by providing a framework of best practices and standards to enable the delivery of secure, reliable and highly available end-to-end IT services and solutions. The association is a collaboration of market leaders working with principles of trust, transparency, flexibility and agility to continually provide Best Practices to enable highly reliable IT-services.

Our goal is to develop a common standard for IT processes, platforms, people and security to safeguard quality and reliability at all levels.

Value for customers and IT suppliers:

The goal of the Zero Outage Industry Standard is to strive for Zero Business Outages. Companies following and applying this standard will benefit from the combined industry experience of providers as well as consumers of highly available and reliable IT solutions. The standard contains recommendations that will assist in finding the right balance between reactive and proactive activities.

The Zero Outage collection of best practices offers proven guidelines which enable IT professionals to better plan, build, deliver and run end-to-end IT solutions.These guidelines are geared towards aligning most critical business functions and processes. Our proposed Industry Standard offers a holistic view beyond technology and it includes additional dimensions like people, processes and security.

Our objective is twofold:

  1. We provide guidelines that describe how to provide Zero Outage enabled services, based on operating procedures, for customers and specific use cases for suppliers.
  2. We prescribe how to implement Zero Outage compliant services and management capabilities with specific design criteria, that shall be used by suppliers as a requirement document for their product and service development. Benefits for the IT consumption side of services for example is standardized, precise and measurable input to Requests for Proposals (RFP)s.