Soft Skills Training

Technical staff, which deals with IT incidents and outages, need to make the right decisions under a lot of stress. This training teaches skills and puts you in critical customer situations in a playful manner and practices both methodical and practical techniques that are necessary for successfully mastering critical situations.

This Training is a part of the People’s work-stream and special service provided by ZOIS.


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Soft Skills for IT Training Slides

Soft Skills Training

Training target group:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Management

Training Goals:

  • Listen more actively than before
  • Apply the 5 Whys (Fishbone Diagram) to solve problems
  • Reflecting differences between F2F and virtual communication
  • Dealing with IT problem situations/failures more consciously and thoughtfully in teams
  • Dealing with intercultural differences more securely and consciously in teams

Training content (selection):

  • Zero Outage Industry Standard Overview
  • Soft skills in virtual communication
  • Active listening training
  • Virtual communication training
  • Problem solving (5 Why, Ishikawa)
  • Simulated IT outage
  • Behaviour in stressful situations
  • Teamwork in a virtual environment
  • Reflection

Training Format:

  • 100 % online
  • 3 interactive live webinars (modules)
  • Small groups for maximum interaction
  • Each module 2 1/2 hours with break
  • Group work in virtual Breakout-Rooms




Soft Skills Training

Training Zielgruppe:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Management

Training Ziele:

  • Aktiver zuhören als zuvor
  • Die 5 Whys (Fishbone-Diagramm) zur Problemklärung anwenden
  • Unterschiede zwischen F2F und virtueller Kommunikation reflektieren
  • In Teams bewusster und überlegter mit IT-Problemsituationen/Ausfällen umgehen
  • In Teams sicherer und bewusster mit interkulturellen Verschiedenheiten umgehen

Training Inhalte (Auswahl):

  • Zero Outage Industry Standard Übersicht
  • Soft Skills in Virtual Communication
  • Aktives Zuhören Training
  • Virtual Communication Training
  • Problem-Lösung (5 Why, Ishikawa)
  • Simulierter IT Ausfall
  • Verhalten in Stress-Situationen
  • Teamarbeit in virtuellem Umfeld
  • Reflexion

Training Format:

  • 100 % online
  • 3 interaktive Live-Webinare (Module)
  • Kleine Gruppen für maximale Interaktion
  • Jedes Modul 2,5 Stunden mit Pause
  • Gruppenarbeiten in virtuellen Breakout-Rooms




The next Training will take place online on the 17th &20th of February 2023.


09:00 – 11:30 & 13:00 – 15:30 CET


09:00 – 11:30 CET

If you are interested in taking part on these dates or would like to enquire about other dates, please feel free to contact Monika Thomasberger

Training cost for Zero Outage members: 375 Euro (plus 20% VAT if applicable)

Training cost for non Zero Outage members: 790 Euro (plus 20% VAT if applicable)



I was positively surprised how exciting this workshop was. I couldn't really imagine anything in advance, but was very impressed already with the first session.


The training was really interesting. The exchange in the group was a real asset due to the diverse experience.

I have learnt that escalations are different each time, but they should always be the same in processing.

I particularly like the part about Message Control and the fact that parties consciously keep information to themselves or for their company's own interest.