Soft Skills Training

Technical staff, which deals with IT incidents and outages, need to make the right decisions under a lot of stress. This training teaches skills and puts you in critical customer situations in a playful manner and practices both methodical and practical techniques that are necessary for successfully mastering critical situations.

This Training is a part of the People’s work-stream and special service provided by ZOIS.


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Soft Skills for IT Training Slides

Soft Skills Training

Training target group:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Management

Training Goals:

  • Listen more actively than before
  • Apply the 5 Whys (Fishbone Diagram) to solve problems
  • Reflecting differences between F2F and virtual communication
  • Dealing with IT problem situations/failures more consciously and thoughtfully in teams
  • Dealing with intercultural differences more securely and consciously in teams

Training content (selection):

  • Zero Outage Industry Standard Overview
  • Soft skills in virtual communication
  • Active listening training
  • Virtual communication training
  • Problem solving (5 Why, Ishikawa)
  • Simulated IT outage
  • Behaviour in stressful situations
  • Teamwork in a virtual environment
  • Reflection

Training Format:

  • 100 % online
  • 3 interactive live webinars (modules)
  • Small groups for maximum interaction
  • Each module 2 1/2 hours with break
  • Group work in virtual Breakout-Rooms




Soft Skills Training

Training Zielgruppe:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Management

Training Ziele:

  • Aktiver zuhören als zuvor
  • Die 5 Whys (Fishbone-Diagramm) zur Problemklärung anwenden
  • Unterschiede zwischen F2F und virtueller Kommunikation reflektieren
  • In Teams bewusster und überlegter mit IT-Problemsituationen/Ausfällen umgehen
  • In Teams sicherer und bewusster mit interkulturellen Verschiedenheiten umgehen

Training Inhalte (Auswahl):

  • Zero Outage Industry Standard Übersicht
  • Soft Skills in Virtual Communication
  • Aktives Zuhören Training
  • Virtual Communication Training
  • Problem-Lösung (5 Why, Ishikawa)
  • Simulierter IT Ausfall
  • Verhalten in Stress-Situationen
  • Teamarbeit in virtuellem Umfeld
  • Reflexion

Training Format:

  • 100 % online
  • 3 interaktive Live-Webinare (Module)
  • Kleine Gruppen für maximale Interaktion
  • Jedes Modul 2,5 Stunden mit Pause
  • Gruppenarbeiten in virtuellen Breakout-Rooms




14, 21, 28th of September – SOLD OUT

17, 24, 31st of October – SOLD OUT

If you would like to enquire about the next available dates, please feel free to contact Monika Thomasberger

ZOIS Members:

Large Enterprise: Soft Skills Training is included for 5 Employees in the price of the Membership

SME: Soft Skills Training is included for 2 Employees in the price of the Membership

Each further employee of ZOIS Member: 400 Euro + VAT (if applicable)


Non- Members:

Training cost for non- Members: 1,450 Euro + VAT (if applicable)



I was positively surprised how exciting this workshop was. I couldn't really imagine anything in advance, but was very impressed already with the first session.


The training was really interesting. The exchange in the group was a real asset due to the diverse experience.

I have learnt that escalations are different each time, but they should always be the same in processing.

I particularly like the part about Message Control and the fact that parties consciously keep information to themselves or for their company's own interest.