About ZOIS

The IT infrastructure of companies is a manifold ecosystem of components from multiple vendors. Thus there are many interfaces and friction points. Differing definitions and incoherent understandings of quality and its underlying processes by all those actors in the ecosystem often result in misunderstandings leading to critical defaults and security issues.

Therefore numerous companies within the IT sector such as T-Systems, Brocade, SAP, Cisco, IBM, Dell, EMC, HDS, HPE, Juniper, NetApp, Suse have joint together in the “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association to define an industry standard for IT quality.

How can an industry standard help?

In order to guarantee Zero Outage to our customers we need to standardize the quality of IT platforms, people, processes and security throughout the whole life cycle. Doing this, companies will be able to minimize errors, increase availability, ensure security and operate cost-effective.

The aim is to work together as partners and develop an open industry wide known and respected “Best Practice” approach that is generally applicable to ensure a stable, secure IT. The association focuses consistently and systematically on quality with the aim to prevent outages and learn from each other.