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We reduced 40% of the total of our business outages using the principles and knowledge of Zero Outage.

Augusto Dantas Nellessen
Head of Telecom and Data Center
Itaú Unibanco


Our members come from different areas of the IT industry but we have one thing in common: we want to combine our experience through best practices to help companies to optimize their IT environments. Through standardization of trainings, processes, platforms and security companies can increase customer satisfaction and efficiency by reducing downtimes to a minimum.

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We are offering two types of memberships:

Regular members

This kind of membership is characterized by contributing to our work streams / projects and it includes a seat in the board of directors. That means influencing the work, the results and the achievements of our association. Enterprises typically are regular members.

Associated members

As an associated member there is also the opportunity to contribute to our work streams / projects. The impact is limited on the results of the work streams. Organizations like associations, universities and non-profit organizations typically are associated members.

Work has already begun and we are happy to welcome every new hand. For further details regarding the industry standard and your opportunity to become a member, please refer to our bylaws.

Articles of Association (PDF) Industry Standard IPR Principles (PDF)