People are the backbone and the most valuable asset of every organization.
A recent study shows that 60 to 80% of outages are caused by humans. It goes without saying that a competent workforce, optimally aligned processes and many other elements are needed for Zero Outage to work.

The “People” section covers at the human element and takes a holistic view of the required skills. To support these, our Competency Model describes the human competencies needed to successfully work in Zero Outage environments. Functional skills, interpersonal skills and methodical competencies are vital for success. Furthermore, we discuss the fundamental need for a supporting organizational environment.

Being pre-emptive & proactive and by instilling certain behaviours in an organisation, Zero Outage becomes a habit. Habits driven by employees, can influence the culture of an organisation where the core of breeding a Zero Outage culture is the mutual understanding of Zero Outage and all its requirements.