Soft Skills Training Leadership

Brief Description of the Elements

Open CaseOpen Case allows participants to practice and experience active listening and sharing in a small team while working on a real case of one of the participants. A 6-step procedure is proposed to guide the process to improve mutual understanding of the case and keep peers from suggesting their solutions too early.
Reflective WritingReflective writing can contribute to clarifying personal patterns in leading teams and, thus, decision making. It implies more than describing or verbally revisiting an event. Experience accounts may be put in relation to each other, various viewpoints and explanations may be considered, personal convictions may be challenged, or social and ethical implications can be taken into account. A reflection guideline including supporting questions is provided.
Flow SessionsFlow sessions enhance the open case setting by professional group moderation. Peers interested in team leadership share and learn from their experience in this case-based peer reflection approach.
ValuesExperience Advantages when consuming and contributing the following values:
Team Values: Understanding, Transparency, Respect, Collaboration, Sharing
Individual Values: Focus, Openness, Courage, Commitment

Interpersonal Focus

Training cost for Zero Outage members: 375 Euro (plus 20% VAT if applicable)

Training cost for non Zero Outage members: 790 Euro (plus 20% VAT if applicable)


Reflection and Training for a Zero Outage Culture Researching long-term effects of Learning Communication and Soft-skills



Very good, interesting.



The practice of active listening is indeed part of every solution, making totally sense.

We use active listening every day, want everyone to use it too.

There were different people here, different profiles, this was beneficial, leading to fruitful discussion.

Very interesting psychological elements, useful to keep in mind.

Good example, astonishing how beneficial this can be.

Open case was great, it helped me move forward. I also liked the activity of introducing ourselves, from the professional and personal perspective.

I really liked it!


Better idea of being agile.

Agile > Scrum


Values of being agile.