Relevance of Use Case Methodology

Zero Outage and Agile Development.

Thought Leadership Series Whitepaper, written by Georg Bock


As leader of the architecture board, I’m always looking for triggers to challenge the status quo. Discussions involving real-life examples and scenarios of organisations trying to achieve zero outage often raises many valuable and insightful points. Imagination can only go so far – there is always the need for detail if a solid implementation is to be applied and from this, dependable design nuggets
can then be extracted.

The difficulty is to identify the use cases and get to this required level of detail. We tend to use this term fairly regularly in our IT language, however, there does not seem to be a universally agreed definition, nor a standard methodology and format to develop and articulate use cases. However, if there was an agreed practice and standard, it might motivate business analysts, architects and
product managers to document and share use cases. When a use case library becomes part of a shared IT knowledge system, it can easily be used to improve the quality, applicability and prescription of the architectural guidance.

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Zero Outage