How to organise IT service security within a larger IT organisation – Eberhard von Faber

ZOIS Webinars series started on the 20th April with “How to organise IT service security within a larger IT organisation” webinar by Eberhard von Faber, Chief Security Advisor, IT Services at T-Systems. The Webinar and Q&A session was moderated by Thomas Hecht, Senior Security Manager at Deutsche Telekom Cyber Security Austria.



We consider IT security as quality that must actively be produced, and not just monitored. Extending traditional ISMS, larger IT organizations require a “management system” for organizing, orchestrating, and optimizing IT service security. This short webinar provides a dozen tested and proven principles for defining and setting up such a system. Most other frameworks only tell what you should do, but not how. They also do not regard business reality, challenges and constraints such as costs, workforce limitations, industrialization and supply chain issues. This webinar delivers practical advice for business architects and security executives to systematically achieve a high level of IT service security in an industrialized IT service provisioning environment.

Watch the recording of the 1st ZOIS Open Webinar: