Methods: “Secured by definition” and the utilization of quality management principles.

Our member, Eberhard von Faber from Security workstream has written a very engaging article that has been published in DuD (Datenschutz und Datensicherheit), a publication of Springer Fachmedia.

“IT security does not work when it is implemented after the fact, like a band-aid applied over a wound. Security has to be implemented from the very start (“security by design”). And yet early implementation of security, in and of itself, is not enough, given the complexity of today’s delivery processes and the importance of activities in IT operations. “Secured by definition”, a tried-and-tested approach, views IT security as a quality asset that is achieved not by checks and corrections but by conformance – on the part of all people throughout all parts of the value chain – with certain predefined rules. To achieve such conformance, an entire arsenal of measures has to be applied.” To read more, please download the PDF.



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