Zero Outage Launch

Press Breakfast in Barcelona, Statements

(Nov 08, 2016) Today we announced the launch of the Zero Outage Industry Standard association during a press breakfast in Barcelona, Spain. Some of our members explained on site why an industry standard is needed and why they joined to work together as partners on IT-Quality. With the Zero Outage Industry Standard association we want to reach companies providing IT services for their customers. Our practical guidance is freely accessible on and will help to define a common framework with best practice guidelines.

Stephan Kasulke, T-Systems: “Sooner or later everything will be dependent on IT and digitalisation. Therefore it is important to have seamless and always running systems.”

Daniel Dalle Carbonare, HDS: “We want to shape strategies and requirements for the benefit of always-on businesses and societies.”

Michaek Jores, SUSE:” There are three reasons to join the Zero Outage Industry Standard association: “1. Digitalisation., 2. The requirement for much more agility and flexibility of the IT infrastructure. 3. The trend towards consuming IT resources from external vendors. SUSE has always been focused on proving enterprise ready open source solutions.”

Christoph Hermann, SAP: “Only the sum of all reliable partners can ensure a 7×24 service availability that comes with an affordable price.”

Markus Gierlich, Cisco: “It is important to have more partners engaged to provide the full solutions to customers.
We are committed to bring our experience of platforms, people, processes and security into the association looking forward to deliver great results.”

Frank Wiesemann, Dell EMC: “We welcome everyone wanting to participate, collaborate and join the association in order to perform more robust services for our customers.”

Kevin Jones, BROCADE: “We believe this association will be industry changing to provide infrastructure for the new digitalisation world, that we are all part of these days.”

Members of the ZOIS association