IBM and Swisscom join our association

We are welcoming our new members IBM and Swisscom

We are welcoming our new members IBM and Swisscom who have recently joined our association. Within the next weeks all partners will continue to work together to specify new guidelines for the industry standard which will be updated on our website

Our overall aim is to provide a common framework for IT-Quality with a focus on platforms, people, processes and security.

Bernhard J Klingenberg, CTO, IBM Resiliency Services: “In today’s digitized world, ‘always-on’ services and solutions are paramount for IBM clients and customers. IBM has a proud tradition of supporting open source communities and industry collaborations, and always strives to serve our clients’ interests in an integrated and unified way. We are honored to contribute our experience as a leading services integrator to this new standard with the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association to encourage the continued availability and reliability of IT infrastructures today and in the future.”

Digitization is in full swing: machines communicate with each other, processes are becoming more and more efficient and automation is an integral part of the process. But all can only work if the IT behind it runs smoothly. A failure, even for a few minutes, can have fatal consequences. If production bands are stopped due to IT problems, companies are threatened with image loss and costs of millions.

If systems fail at the airport or in hospitals – in the worst case scenario – human life is threatened. No matter how big a company is or which industry it belongs to, a reliable and smoothly functioning of information and communication technology is important. Therefore quality is becoming a decisive competitive factor in the age of digitalization.

Wolfgang Eger, Head of Swisscom Operations: “Our promise is based on the very needs of our customers: Always on. Swisscom is one of the most innovative and sustainable telecommunication companies and has played a pioneering role in many developments in the sector. We look forward to sharing our expertise with various representatives from the IT and telecom industry as part of the Zero Outage initiative to help further improve high-quality ICT processes.”