Interview with Shannon Gordon, Founder of Five 9 Computing

ZOIS is proud to welcome Five 9 Computing as a new member. We meet with their representative Shannon Gordon to discuss the importance of the Standard and his perspective on its impact in today’s IT climate.

1. Please describe your role and the focus of your company?

I am a Consultant and Owner of Five 9 Computing. We specialize in designing systems to support mission critical applications for companies of all sizes. We strive to achieve 99.999% availability for the applications of our clients.

2. What attracted five9Computing to join ZOIS?

The opportunity to benefit from and contribute to a standard that is fundamental to our mission statement. Zero Outage is right in line with what we are trying to achieve for our clients.

3. Why do you feel it is important for companies to develop a global standard for IT quality?

There are currently many methods and varying opinions for how to achieve Zero Outage. However, there is no defined method or ‘standard’ for achieving this metric that is consistent. Having a standard that can be replicated across all industries, technology stacks, and vendors is paramount to designing systems that are capable of achieving Zero Outage.

4. What expertise does five9Computing bring to the association?

Five 9 Computing has been designing systems for Mission Critical Applications for over 5 years. Our expertise is with everything from Infrastructure to Application design patterns purpose built to sustain 99.999% availability. Our capabilities cover businesses of all sizes and from the data centre to the cloud.

5. What impact do you think ZOIS membership will have on your company?

Five 9 Computing is looking forward to leveraging and contributing to the standard(s) that ZIOS is creating to achieving Zero Outage. The work that ZIOS is trying to achieve is in lock step with Five 9 Computing’s mission statement and we look forward to working together to improving IT Quality for our clients.