Interview with Augusto Dantas Nellessen, Head of Telecom and Data Center at Itaú

ZOIS: Please tell us about your position at Itau Bank and a little bit about the bank itself.

Augusto Dantas Nellessen: I am the head of Telecom and Data Center in Itaú Unibanco. I have more than 20 years of experience in ICT, working for large companies, such as: ITAÚ UNIBANCO, GRUPO ABRIL, SIEMENS and TELESP.
About Itaú Unibanco
In these 95 years of history, we have reached the position of Brazil’s largest bank. Among other important recognitions, I’d like to highlight that we are considered the most valuable brand in Brazil by the Interbrand Association. These achievements are the result of the way we run our business, always placing ethics ahead of results and constantly seeking both innovation and excellence.  

ZOIS: What attracted you to join ZOIS?

Augusto Dantas Nellessen: As a Brazilian leading bank, we deal with the daily challenge to improve the quality of our services. This led us to looking for opportunities and entities to help us. When we found ZOIS, we were inspired by the commitment, the documentation, the processes and the possibility to share experiences and collaborate with other renowned technology companies.

ZOIS: Which part of the Standard; People, Platforms, Processes or Security is most relevant for your bank and why?

Augusto Dantas Nellessen: We focus a lot on the availability that involves platform, people and processes. But we also understand that availability and speed are nothing if we don’t have a secure environment that delivers confidence to our customers. And all of these points must be governed by simple and agile processes.

ZOIS: Why do you feel it is important for companies to develop a global standard for IT quality?

Augusto Dantas Nellessen: In our perspective standardizing means preserving the quality of the Itau Unibanco’s environment. Being part of a global IT standard will help us define and document in the best possible way to carry out our activities. In the end of the day, it will be the best way to deliver exceptional quality service to our customers.