Zero Outage Summit in London

Industry leaders are gathering at King’s Place in London to join the “Zero Outage Summit” on Sept 14. An event promising to spread the idea of a common Zero Outage understanding through networking and inspiring keynotes.

With an industry-wide discussion, the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association intends to tackle new IT-challenges such as the digitalization of processes, artificial intelligence and IT-security in the Internet of Things (IoT). The aim is to encourage collective sharing of knowledge, with the focus on Zero Outage. The event will host industry leaders who are focused on improving stability and customer satisfaction by developing a common understanding of quality.

Speakers for the event

A variety of speakers across industries will join the event, that will be opened by the association’s chairman Stephan Kasulke and Dietmar Dahmen, who will host the event. Dahmen works as a professional speaker and consultant for change, innovation and disruptive market strategies with global clients and worldwide engagements. In his opening keynote “The first rule of fight club: Zero Outage” he will give a brief introduction on the topic.

Eireann Leverett, is a cyber-risk specialist at Cambridge University. In his keynote “Murphy and Malice: IoT and internet availability”, he will tackle why internet outages are caused by accidents, typos, disasters, and by design. The IoT is built with internet accessibility as a design principle, but is this ubiquitous availability matched in reality? Is such high availability distributed evenly across countries? His presentation will examine data from a variety of sources to detail internet outages and their diverse consequences.

Petra Hauser is the CEO and Founder of the Exponential Business Hub, a digital innovation enabler based in Vienna supporting corporates in repositioning their offer to generate new revenue streams in an ever-changing technology and business landscape. Petra is also the Austrian Chapter Lead of Silicon Valley’s Singularity University (SU). SU is acknowledged as a world-leading faculty addressing the convergence of exponential technologies and their impact on business and society on a global scale. Her focus on digital strategy and human-centered design makes her an expert in bridging the two worlds of corporate business and disruptive innovation. Her Keynote will be held on the topic: “Zero Outage goes exponential“. The pace of change is accelerating exponentially. This is a new concept and reality for most people, industries, and businesses. How will it impact the concept of Zero Outage?

The final speaker not only works on a better medical future, but also practices what she preaches. Given Dr. Marie Moe’s history, she is not only interested in the improvements of medical pacemakers, but has a real-life experience to share with the crowd in her keynote: “Go hackers, break my heart.” Gradually we are all becoming more and more dependent on connected technology, we will be able to live longer with an increased quality of life due to medical devices and sensors integrated into our body. However, our dependence on technology grows faster than our ability to secure it, and a security failure of a medical device can have fatal consequences. Marie’s life depends on the functioning of a medical device, a pacemaker that generates each and every beat of her heart. This talk is about Marie’s personal experience with being the host of a vulnerable medical implant, and why she decided to start a hacking project, investigating the security of her own personal critical infrastructure. Her emphasis on the topic will be the opening for the round table Zero Outage and IoT with the motto “Gloves off”.

Gloves Off: Discussion on Zero Outage and IoT

The discussion serves as a way of exchanging personal opinions and experiences and enabling everyone to voice their opinion on the subject. Questions that may appear of interest are “What major outage can the participants remember where human error played a major role?” or “Can IoT devices put our data in datacenters at risk? And if yes how?” It will mainly be oriented on giving everyone a fair chance to contribute to both the upsides and downsides.

Marketplace: What do we do at the association?

In combination with the speeches, the association’s workstreams, each with its personal expert in the field, will be present at the event with a stand to show what they have been working on in the past and what they want to tackle in the future. The streams are: People, Processes, Platforms, Security, Architecture and Certification.

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