Software Testing and Responsibility: Humans and AI in a Zero Outage Environment

In his presentation, Iosif Itkin, co-CEO, and сo-founder of Exactpro, continued the discussion on ZOIS’s competency model started by  Klaus Reile and Michael Mayr in the recent People Matter Most webinar. His unique perspective, however, focused on the testing aspect of software delivery, exploring its critical role in achieving Zero Outage environments.

An essential aspect of the presentation was the integration of AI technologies with software testing. Iosif delved into the nature of collaboration between human expertise and AI, emphasising how this symbiosis elevates the testing process. Attendees couold gain insights into how responsible AI usage can impact software reliability and help foster a culture of accountability. Iosif’s deep understanding of technology and extensive expertise at the intersection of high-availability systems and capital markets enables him to spearhead the successful delivery of innovative large-scale strategic software testing initiatives to Exactpro’s worldwide client network. 

Exactpro is an independent software testing services provider for financial sector organisations. The firm’s clients are exchanges, post-trade platform operators, and banks across 20 countries. Exactpro’s area of expertise comprises protocol-based testing of matching engines, market data, market surveillance, clearing and settlement systems, improving scalability, latency and operational resiliency. Exactpro’s tools and approaches leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a new level of efficiency, system exploration and test coverage for numerous business cases, in finance and beyond.

The Webinar took place on Thursday 5th of October 2023. Watch the recording of this ZOIS Open Webinar: