ZOIS back to business at DigitalX 2021

ZOIS was in attendance at Deutsche Telekom’s flagship event DIGITAL X 2021 in Cologne, where 300 international speakers discussed digital transformation and sustainability topics.

Headline speakers including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, Ranga Yogeshwar, Timotheus Höttges and Adel Al-Saleh, once again proved that German business is heading in the right direction, however digital investments and implementation of technologies must accelerate if companies are to compete on the international stage.

Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems International emphasised this theme in his keynote speech by announcing T-Systems’ partnership with Google Cloud, a major coup for the company. Such partnerships are critical if IT companies want to continue to innovate and scale their businesses. “With T-Systems’ Sovereign Cloud developed by Google Cloud, we combine data protection with the innovative power of the public cloud.”

We spoke to Adel directly. Once again he expressed his support for the ZOIS cause by saying: “Zero Outage is the foundation for the business we are in”. His own initiatives at T-Systems depends on a zero outage environment to ensure secure cloud services for his customers.


We feel very proud to be part of Zero Outage Industry Standard
Agatha Azzi Dos Santos on behalf of Banco Itau


Overall the message was optimistic; as long as innovation works hand-in-hand with robust quality standards, digital business can thrive. ZOIS continues to develop global IT standards to support both medium and large IT companies.

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