Levels of certification and benefits


  • The Zero Outage Industry Standard Association’s vision is to help maximise customer satisfaction and value by providing a framework of best practices and standards to enable the delivery of secure, reliable, and highly available end-to-end IT services and solutions
  • As technologies become an increasingly complex and critical part our world and the pressure on minimising outages increases, companies must adopt a holistic approach to improve quality and minimise outages throughout their organisation and including their partners and their customers.
  • To help achieve this, the Zero Outage Industry Standard leverages existing industry standards (e.g., ITIL, IT4IT) and provides additional best practices, frameworks, and standards around Processes, Security, Platform and People.
  • The goal is to offer a certification for people and enterprises. It will be done in phases starting with a self-assessment, then a multiple-choice test and finishing with onsite audits.

Levels of certification and benefits

  • The Association plans to offer different levels of assessment and certification.
  • The self-assessment will help evaluate against a basic level of understanding and compliance with the Zero Outage standards and best practices. It is free of charge. The enterprise self-assessment is planned to begin in 2022.





Assessments and certification will help Individuals and Enterprises to

  • Improve their understanding of the Zero Outage Industry Standard vision and best practices based on advice from a wide array of industry experts
  • Quickly evaluate their skills, systems, and offerings against industry recommendations and identify opportunities for improvement or differentiation
  • Apply a practical and comprehensive approach to creating Zero Outage products and services
  • Stand out in the market as the expert in delivering highly available Zero Outage solutions and services
  • Demonstrate their commitment to quality and best practices
  • Identify providers and partners who are committed to Zero Outage