Certified Individuals


These individuals have been formally evaluated for demonstrated experience, knowledge and performance in achieving an organisational objective through defining and overseeing the Zero Outage Industry Standard and are hereby bestowed the global credential.


Zero Outage Industry Standard Certified

Name SurnameCertification LevelExpiration Date
Stephan KasulkeCertified ZOIS Master01.07.2021
Tim WasleCertified ZOIS Master01.07.2021
Michael MayrCertified ZOIS Master01.07.2021
Klaus ReileCertified ZOIS Master01.07.2021
Shannon L. GordonCertified ZOIS Professional01.07.2021
Eberhard v. FaberCertified ZOIS Master01.07.2021
Iosif ItkinCertified ZOIS Professional01.07.2021
Agatha Azzi-SantosCertified ZOIS Professional01.07.2021